I feel that I've had this conersation many times in the past with different people, but the idea of immediate contact and accessibility to anyone at anytime is probably the single worst side effect of social media--or social networking nowadays. It didn't occur to me that I've always been checking my sns in the past because I knew some people (or at least someone) would be sending me messages every day, and even multiple times a day. I never know when people like that expect to see a reply, but it's likely because of this constant pressure that I feel burnt out of social media and decided to hibernate now. Sure, there are some things where I'd like to post up and share in hopes friends would see them, but this is different than demanding everyone in my sns friend circle to react and respond with a strict deadline. In fact, sometimes it's just nice to post stuff somewhere without an audience for the quietness. It's like just dumping things into the void. There's no expectations anywhere. And it's probably because my motivation is different from other people. I'm not making art or writing things to get any approval from the outside, I'm doing things because I simply enjoy them or need an outlet to vent. The idea of feeling let down because nobody reacted to something you've worked on for hours and days on is not something I can really empathize with because it was never about getting recognition for me. Though there isn't anything wrong with feeling let down, it's merely a difference in perception and motivation. This is why I don't like the idea of making myself or my works available at any time of the day; I'm not writing or drawing to a schedule or meet anyone's expectations, and I really hope that other people can be more sympathetic and respectful of each other's time.